Starting well

People say that you should start as you mean to go on, so I made sure that I went for a good ride to start the year.

I cycled a little over 5 000 kilometres in 2006 and I want to see a dramatic increase to that total in 2007.

I clocked up just over 40 kilometres this morning on the way to work. There wasn’t a lot of traffic about. I noticed a few fellow cyclists here and there and a number of walkers out enjoying the stunning weather. I wondered how many of those people I saw cycling or walking were also starting as they mean to go on this year.

By the time I ride home in a couple of hours time I will have cycled 50 kilometres for the first day of 2007. Hopefully I can keep that kind of distance up for the first part of the year and then start building on it. I’d love to hit 10 000 kilometres by the end of the year but I’m happy to go further.

Do you have plans for New Year’s Day or are you just going to recover from seeing in the new year?

I learned something very interesting some years ago. The new year arrives whether I’m awake to see it happen or not so I generally get an early night on the 31st of December. I don’t see the point in feeling tired and grumpy for the first day of a new year.

Posted by Rodney Olsen

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