Community of Bloggers

Want to let other people know about your blog? Need advice on some template changes? Want a few ideas for some posts?

Community of Bloggers is a new forum aimed at sharing information and ideas between bloggers.

You can swap experience with other bloggers, trade secrets on how to deal with spam, help others who’ve just started blogging or gain the knowledge you need from those with a little more experience.

You’re free to comment on other posts or to create your own threads with your own questions or observations.

It’s easy to sign up and very easy to find your way around.

The forum has only been going for a very short time but I’ve already discovered some quality blogs that have now been added to my regular reads, and I know that I’ve also gained a few extra readers.

I hope you’ll drop in to the Community of Bloggers forum very soon to have a look around and sign up.

Posted by Rodney Olsen

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