Enjoying the moment

If you’re one of the twenty million or so people lucky enough to call yourself an Aussie, how did you celebrate Australia Day?

For us, it was the big Town of Bassendean Australia Day Celebrations on Friday afternoon and evening, a great event that culminated in a massive fireworks display. 98.5 Sonshine FM was once again proud to provide the soundtrack and we were broadcasting live from the venue from four o’clock on Friday afternoon. I joined Arthur Muhl on stage to share the MC duties.

When the lights finally went down and the explosives rocketed towards the stars I was intrigued by a handful of people throughout the crowd who were watching the entire fireworks display through the viewfinders of their video cameras. They were obviously keen to capture the event to watch it later but I wondered at how much they were missing.

A big part of the enjoyment of fireworks is the enormity of it all and it was certainly spectacular to see the sky filling up with so many glorious colours. There’s almost too much to take in even when we can see the entire area of sky that has been transformed into the artist’s canvas. You can have the latest oversized plasma screen on your wall to watch what you’ve videoed but a fireworks display is something you can never fully capture.

By trying to capture something for the future, I reckon those people missed the moment. It’s always wise to think of what’s ahead but if we put everything into the future we miss the present moment.

We can do that in so many areas of life can’t we? We spend so much time working for a better tomorrow that we effectively put our lives on hold.

When was the last time you enjoyed the here and now with your family? When you do spend time with loved ones are you fully with them or is your mind still racing ahead to what you need to do next, your latest work project, plans for career advancement or even the things you want to do around the house? Do you take time out regularly to make sure that you’re not missing the moment?

Like so many things it’s a balance. We don’t want to live only for today but if we only live for tomorrow we’ll eventually find out that tomorrow never comes.

There’s still so much of this year ahead of us. Why not make your mind up to not only take the time to stop and smell the roses but to plant some new roses in 2007? Take the time to tend them and then enjoy their beautiful fragrance with those you love.

Posted by Rodney Olsen

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