Congratulations – you're under arrest

A friend of mine recently had his mobile phone stolen and that got me thinking.

I had an idea.

If my mobile phone ever gets stolen I have a plan. I know that a thief is unlikely to answer a stolen phone and even if he does, he’s unlikely to be swayed by my pleading for the phone’s return.

What I’ve decided is that I will borrow someone else’s mobile phone and send myself a text message. I figure a thief will check text messages simply out of curiousity.

The message will be directed to me and say something like, “CONGRATULATIONS Rodney. You are one of our daily winners in the Grand a Day Promotion. To pick up your $1000 cash prize simply present this text message today by 3:00 p.m. to …..” I would then include the address of some local business premises where I would be waiting for the ‘winner’. I would also invite some of the local constabulary to join me when I congratulate them.

What do you reckon? Think it might work?

Posted by Rodney Olsen

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