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I enjoy reading Seth Godin’s blog but I don’t think you should buy this book.

To tell the truth, bestselling author and entrepreneur, Seth Godin, doesn’t think you should buy this book.

The reason he doesn’t think you should buy the book is because you can already get it for free by clicking here and downloading it.

Seth didn’t authorize the book to be published and he has no idea who the publisher is. He wrote the book back in 2005 and intended it to be a freebie all along. You can get Seth’s view of the whole saga here.

Due to the nature of the creative commons license Seth chose for the copyright, whoever has published the book may well be within their rights but you and I know that what they’ve done isn’t right. It’s being passed off as a new book, which it isn’t and the whole exercise is simply misleading.

If you want to read more from a very talented writer, save your money, download the free version and then spend some time looking through the archives at his blog. You’ll even find links there to some of his top selling books which he did authorise for sale.

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