How's work?

Lauren at Memoir is looking for work. With occupations on her mind she asks, What was your favorite job? Better yet, tell me about your worst occupation.”

It got me thinking.

My favourite job? That’d be my job at the moment. I’m a radio announcer and as part of my work I get to speak to some fascinating people. Some famous, some not so famous. They all have a story to tell. I enjoy the opportunity to do a bit of talkback radio to give a voice to people who otherwise wouldn’t be heard.

My worst? Many years ago I worked for Western Australia’s Education Department. I was a General Assistant which gave me a huge range of interesting tasks. I managed a storeroom, ran an offset printer, worked with audio/visual equipment and a lot more.

The job was good but then they started making changes throughout the department. I was moved ‘sideways’ for a while from a very interesting and diverse job to a brain numbing job in the department’s head office.

I spent all day opening the front cover of library books, noting which school they belonged to, closing the books, putting them in piles, then wrapping the piles into parcels to send to the schools.

Thankfully it was around that time that a full time job in radio became available and I was able to say goodbye to the Education Department.

I’ve had a range of jobs over the years. The only thing I’m officially qualified to do is cook. I went straight from school to a cooking apprenticeship. I completed the four year apprenticeship, got my qualifications and then left the industry. It really wasn’t for me. Those who choose to work as chefs are passionate about creating food and working in the pressurised atmosphere of a commercial kitchen. I’m extremely thankful that there are people who can work with food and that they love doing it but it wasn’t something I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing.

What about you? What have been your favourite and least favourite jobs? Are you looking to change jobs or are you happy with what you’re doing now? What would it take to get your dream job?

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