The sound was deafening.

It was just before 7 o’clock on Saturday morning.

I decided to top up the air in my back tyre before heading out for my regular Saturday ride. The pressure was almost where I wanted it when an almighty bang rang out in the early morning.

My first thought was that I’d blown a tube. Unfortunately I’d actually blown my rim apart.
As you can see in the picture (click the photo for a better view) my rear wheel is in a very sad state. A large part of the rim parted company with the rest of the rim. Not good.

I took the wheel to the coffee shop where we meet after our rides to impress the rest of the group. None of the other riders had ever seen anything like it before. I hope I never see anything like it again.

I now have a new wheel on order but I did spend a fair part of Saturday frantically trying to find a spare wheel to take part in yesterday’s Freeway Bike Hike. Thankfully one of the guys that rides with us on Saturday mornings was kind enough to let me use his back wheel for the day. I was more than pleased when I was able to return the wheel to him in one piece.

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Freeway Bike Hike 2007

I had a magnificent day yesterday.

For the second time in as many years I pedalled from Belmont to Joondalup in the Freeway Bike Hike, raising money for asthma research.

For several hours, one half of the freeway was closed to cars and it became a huge cycleway.

The event started at Belmont Racecourse, just outside Perth, and made its way through the Graham Farmer tunnel and up the Mitchell Freeway all the way to Joondalup; a distance of 30 km. There was also a shorter 10 km ride for families and those who weren’t quite up to the challenge of cycling 30 km.

With riding to the start line and then riding home later I clocked up 70 kilometres for the morning. It was a warm day but I was home before it got too hot.

It’s a rather special feeling to be rocketing up the freeway on two wheels with 7000 other people. It was interesting to see the range of bikes and riders. There were some very nice bikes that obviously get a regular workout and then others that probably last saw daylight when they were pulled out of the shed for last year’s event.

It was a great event, wonderfully planned and I’m looking forward to next year but I do wonder how many of the irregular cyclists are feeling a bit sore today.

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