Going up the country

Are you into camping, fishing and hiking? Do you enjoy waking up amongst wildlife?

We’re getting closer to Easter and here in Australia that means it’s the traditional time to advertise camping gear. We get a four day weekend and thousands of families take advantage of the last remnants of good weather before winter to take to the great outdoors.

We got a camping store’s Huge Easter Sale catalogue with the newspaper today.

I browse through the catalogues and it all looks so good. Those fancy tents, all the marvelous accessories, camping lights, camping stoves, mattresses, sleeping bags, fishing gear and so much more. There are things that fold up and fold out, portable toilets, solar showers, handheld GPS units and it all calls out for the reader to set of on the adventure of a lifetime.

Everything looks so colourful and exciting and the people in the catalogue all seem so happy to be enjoying their camping experience.

The only thing missing from the catalogue seems to be the one item that I think would be essential on a camping trip. What I’d like to see is a small backpack that you can cart with you to the camping spot of your choice. Once you’re there you simply pull the tab and it folds out into a 5 star hotel with room service.

Posted by Rodney Olsen

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