Beware the office loudmouth

You’re stuck there for hours every day. Sooner or later something’s bound to annoy you.

What are the things that you find most annoying at work?

This article at tells us that the most annoying thing for most of us is the office loudmouth. Do you really need to know your co-workers most intimate secrets? By the way that some people conduct their phone calls the answer is apparently, yes. When someone at the desk next to you takes a private call and then proceeds to speak quite LOUDLY and CLEARLY it’s hard not to stay up to date with things about them that you’d perhaps rather not know.

Another office annoyance is those ridiculous ringtones. OK, it was cute the first time …. maybe even the first two or three times. Now, it’s just annoying.

What are the things that cause you to foster thoughts of violence against your fellow workers? What about leaving dirty dishes in the kitchen? How about the people that put the empty milk carton back in the fridge or use up the last of the stationery without telling anyone?

What are your main workmate annoyances?

Posted by Rodney Olsen

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