Damien Leith on Perth Radio

It was certainly a busy morning on the radio today.

As well as my regular Friday segments, Simply Living with Jill Bonanno and Sport with Mic Cullen, I was joined in the 98.5 Sonshine FM studios by 2006 Australian Idol, Damien Leith.

The Irish born singer-songwriter, who won the hearts and votes of the nation during Australian Idol 2006, has been working solidly in the studio since winning the competition, putting together his first full album of original work.

The first single from the forthcoming album is ’22 Steps’, a wonderful song that you can sample by visiting his official website. ’22 Steps’ was released to radio airplay today and will be in stores tomorrow. (The new Harry Potter book will be in stores tomorrow too, but I’d rather buy Damien’s single.)

Throughout his time on Australian Idol, Damien became a clear favourite, winning audience votes with his incredible vocal performances. His debut single ‘Night of My Life’ debuted at number one on Australian charts and sold platinum while ‘The Winners Journey’, a souvenir CD/DVD collection of his performances during the Idol series, also debuted at number one and went on to sell almost 5 times platinum.

Damien was a pleasure to interview and he promised to join me in the studio again next time he’s in Perth. I’m hoping that he’ll bring his guitar next time so that he can treat us to some live music.

You can listen to our interview using the media player below.

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  • I enjoyed listening to your interview with Damien. Intelligent and interesting, you got to the heart of a family man!

    Looking forward to hearing 22 STeps more on Sonshine!

  • You’ve given him a big rap Rodney. I’ll have to have a listen. Sounds like our kinda music.
    Hope Sunday was a great day for you to celebrate your birthday!!!! Just think – you’ll never be this young again!

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