Free Bob Dylan concert … almost

I see in today’s West Australian Newspaper that there’s an ad letting us know that there’s free public transport to and from Bob Dylan’s Perth show at the Burswood Dome on Thursday night.

I reckon that’s a great way to get to and from the concert without all the parking hassles. No one wants to be scrambling for a parking space minutes before Bob takes to the stage or waiting in a line of cars for hours after the show.

I’m a big Dylan fan and I last saw him in concert many years ago when he was touring with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

So … free transport to and from the concert … I’ve now got that bit sorted out.

If only they were offering free tickets to the show I’d be able to take advantage of the free transport.

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Pauline and I headed out for the opening performance of Cirque du Soleil’s Varekai on Friday night. It was absolutely magnificent.

We had been to Quidam when it was in Perth a couple of years back and enjoyed it immensely bu Varekai easily eclipsed it in our eyes.

As with Quidam, we didn’t really follow the story that is woven through the performance but the athleticism and showmanship kept us thrilled throughout. Some elements of the performance make you rethink what the human body is capable of doing. I’m sure that one of the female performers has had her skeleton surgically removed. No one can be that flexible can they?

There was the thrill of the amazing acrobatics as well as the many moments of comedy that they do so very well.

The costumes and the set were incredible and gave the performance a wonderful sense of the surreal. It all combines to transport you to another world.

Our seats were near the back of the Grande Chapiteau, which I think is French for big tent but French was never one of my best subjects at school. The wonderful thing about the venue is that none of the seats are so far from the stage that you miss the facial expressions of the performers. I reckon we were in the perfect position. From where we sat we could take in the whole stage which is always essential with a Cirque du Soleil show. The action is never confined to one area of the stage. In fact, there are several times when the show isn’t even confined to the stage as the performance spills out into the audience.

After the show we were privileged to be invited to the ‘After Party’ at the Perth Convention Centre with the cast of the show and a who’s who of Perth’s media, sporting personalities and the local A list. It was a lavish event with a large area for those who wanted to party and a smaller area for those who just wanted to chill out with a drink and some nibbles. It was the perfect way to cap off an amazing evening.

If you get the chance to go and see Varekai, grab it with both hands.

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