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1. What were you doing 10 years ago?

I was the Creative Director at 98.5 Sonshine FM. I’d been married for almost five years and we had a wonderful 15 month old daughter.

2. What were you doing one year ago?

Looking forward to a holiday with my family. We flew to Melbourne and Sydney in late September last year.

3. What are five snacks you enjoy?

Vanilla Slice

4. What are five songs that you know the lyrics to?

Another Bridge – Everything But The Girl
Lover’s Cross – Jim Croce
Space Oddity – David Bowie
Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music – Larry Norman
Swallowed by the Cracks – David & David

5. Name five things you would do if you were a millionaire.

Support a number of organisations
Pay off all our bills
Fly to India
Buy Pauline a new car
Buy myself a new bicycle

6. Name five bad habits.

Eating badly
Writing new lyrics for songs in my head
Not drinking enough water

7. What are five things you like to do?

Spending time with family
Spending time with friends
Doing my job well

8. What are your five favourite toys?

Road Bike (Though bikes aren’t really toys.)
Mountain Bike
My iPod Mini
Home Stereo

9. What are five things you would never wear?

Safari Suit
White trousers

10. Name five things you hate to do.

Walking into a room of people
Getting sick

So there we are. If you’d like to join in too just grab the ten headings and go for it on your own blog. Just leave a comment below so that we can see who’s taking part.

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Thumbs Up! Edition Seven

Time for Edition Seven of Thumbs Up!

Apologies for not posting this earlier. I’ve been rather unwell for a few days and so a lot of things have taken a back seat. I’m on the improve and hoping to be back to 100% very soon.

We don’t have a lot of posts this time around but thanks to those who have taken part.

If this is the first you’ve heard of Thumbs Up! and you’re scratching your head wondering what it’s about you can read the details here.

Apple presents a post that is In Praise of Volunteers at The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree. Volunteers do an amazing job and we rely on them in so many areas of life. Maybe you’ve got a story about a volunteer that you could use for the next edition of Thumbs Up!

Sarah at This is what Sed said highlights someone who is well known in the local community but many wouldn’t know of his work behind the scenes. Check out her post simply titled, Wrirra. Do you know someone who is a great role model? Maybe you could highlight them for the next edition of Thumbs Up!

I don’t think I’ve left anyone out but if you did post a submission this week and you can’t see it here, please email me so that I can add your post. If you missed out on being a part of Thumbs Up! this week, get posting now and submit for next week.

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