Being robbed blind

Being a teenage mugger can be a risky career choice.

A seventeen year old thug who tried to steal a carton of cigarettes from a blind man in a German railway station got a lot more than he expected recently. The victim just happened to be the former world champion in blind judo.

Police said the youth demanded the pack of cigarettes before punching the ex-champion in the face.

The blind man sprang into action, throwing the mugger to the ground and holding him down until police, who were called by another commuter, reached Marburg Station.

I hope he’s learnt just how bad cigarettes can be for your health.

Posted by Rodney Olsen

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  • this is becomeing a bigger and larger problem

    i had a mate beaten up over the weekend because some teens asked him for a smoke, and he said he didn’t have any.

    the fact he really didn’t have any and doesn’t smoke didn’t seem to matter to the teenagers while they beat him up.

  • Hard to believe someone would attack a BLIND man, this mugger got what was coming to him. I bet he was pretty shocked!

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