Getting in shape for summer

That’s it. Enough is enough.

I won’t say that I’m not in shape at the moment, it’s just that the shape I’m in is not a particularly good one. The kilos have been creeping on and it’s time to bite the bullet, without swallowing it of course, and take action to get ready for the coming summer months.

The cold, dark mornings have got me completely out of the habit of riding extra kilometres before work. I’m still riding to work every day but it’s not really far enough to keep me as fit as I need to be. With the sun starting to rise a little earlier I need to take advantage of the extra daylight to put in a few more hours on my bike each week.

Nutritionist / Naturopath Philip Bridgeman of Wisdom for Health devised his Daniel’s Diet some years ago and many people have used it to great effect as a way to kick start a healthy long term eating plan. It’s a ten day detox diet that helps weight to drop, energy to rise and minds to think more clearly.

I tried Daniel’s Diet before with great results but human nature being what it is, I didn’t follow through in continuing to eat a healthy diet.

So what kind of results do people get on the Daniel’s Diet? There are several stories of the help that people have received through the diet on the Wisdom for Health webpage but here’s a few comments from one of the more outstanding cases.

“My mother took me to consult with Philip. I was very overweight and couldn’t seem to lose it. I felt bloated and “puffy” as well as having no energy. Due to all this I was lacking in confidence and had a poor self-image. On Daniel’s Diet in 10 days I lost 10 kg. I was feeling so good I continued on following the diet. In 3 months I lost 25 kg and regained all my energy and self-esteem. My Mom is so impressed she is now following the diet.”

So the time has come for me to detox.

For the next ten days I’ll be eating a range of fruits, nuts and vegetables. I’ll be cutting out coffee, dairy products and all sorts of processed foods.

I’ve had a healthy breakfast and I’m now sipping my last coffee for at least ten days. It’s a magnificent long black created with the finest coffee beans from Five Senses. It’s magnificent but I’ll have to go without my favourite drop for the next little while.

I’ll keep you informed of my progress and let you know if it’s working for me.

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  • I remember an interview with a Nutritionist you had waayyy back in 2004, I was still working and pregnant with Liam and loved it.
    Looking fw to your tips and report, same here, winter is so not good for my body.
    Every thing needs to be hot .. hot milo, hot chocolate, hot soup, hot casseroles, do I need say more.
    It’s never new for me to gain about 3kg’s in winter and summer I just drop it easily again, more heat and sunlight, yay!!

  • No more coffee? What kind of diet is *that*?! Actually, congratulations on taking proactive steps to good health.

    You inspire and encourage me 🙂

  • Rodney, I almost embarked on a similar plan just a week ago (although we are heading for winter). I am still thinking about it – maybe reading your post is a sign.

    Do you get terrible headaches when you stop coffee? I do.

    Best of luck to you.

  • Thanks everyone for the encouragement.

    As for the headaches … I’m quite surprised that even though I love a good coffee I can give it up without any kind of side effects. I don’t crave it and don’t get headaches without it. I know that many people do when they stop drinking the stuff.

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