Love Song

It was a gutsy effort.

We went to a wedding on Saturday afternoon and as part of the ceremony the groom grabbed the microphone, looked into the eyes of his bride, and sang to her. I don’t think he was aware of anyone else in the room because he just looked directly at the love of his life and sang his heart out.

It was one of moments that had all the women in the church going ‘Oh – how romantic’ and all the guys going ‘Has he got any idea how much trouble he’s causing?’

In that one moment when he opened his mouth to sing he raised the bar way too high for all the rest of us blokes. I know that as soon as the ceremony was over, women all around the church were asking their husbands why they hadn’t sung to them on their own weddings day.

What he did was courageous. He created a romantic moment that will live on in the hearts of everyone who was in the church that day.

Pauline’s heard my singing voice so I don’t know that she would have wanted me to sing to her on our wedding day. I feel that I showed my love for Pauline by not singing on our wedding day.

The guys I felt sorriest for were those who are still single. If their future brides were there, they’ve now got no excuse when their big day comes.

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  • What a nice story… with great humor from your side, too 🙂

    Great you got so much money on your Radiothon. The new site is great, too, I just couldn´t find any “listen online”-button. Because now I could listen online (well at your night-time only but at least I could)- have I missed it?

  • Yes, my uncle sang his heart out. Given I knew what his voice was like, an extremely gutsy move. And yes, my wife asked me why I didn’t do the same.

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