A change of pace

It was a little quiet at our place this morning.

I can’t say that I’m a morning person but I do get up reasonably early. It takes me quite some time to turn into a human after I crawl out of bed. I tend to sit down and let my body adjust to the fact that I’m no longer ‘officially’ asleep.

Our son James, on the other hand, is definitely a morning person. Within seconds of getting out of bed he can launch into long winded and involved conversations. Conversations? Maybe monologues would be a better description.

I generally just sit there trying to take in what he’s saying, grunting at the appropriate moments.

It was a bit different today. He was away at a school sleep over.

While I don’t always take in everything he tells me before six o’clock in the morning, I do enjoy that time with him. It’s generally just him and me and so that time is precious, even if it doesn’t feel like it on some occasions.

This morning I just sat for a while then went about organizing my day. It wasn’t quite the same.

I do wonder how his classmates and his teacher coped with the early morning discussions today.

What’s it like at your place? Do you have a mixture of morning people and night owls? Can you spring out of bed in the morning ready to start the day or do you take time to wind up?

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  • Fortunately, here at our house, my husband and I are on the same wave lenght. We are both early risers and we can jump into a lively conversation right upon arising.

    I would hate to live with someone who is a bear in the morning.


  • I smiled when I heard you say this on radio, it was very sweet!
    Same here, they drive us nutty some days and then the minute their gone you miss them.

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