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Big Bang or Big God?

Is the earth many millions or only thousands of years old?

If you’re interested in looking for reliable answers on creation versus evolution you might want to win a copy of The Creation Answers Book. I’ll tell you how to win in just a minute.

Dr Carl Wieland is in great demand as a speaker on the scientific evidence for creation and its relevance to Christianity. He has lectured extensively in Australia and internationally and is Managing Director of Creation Ministries International. He has also authored numerous articles, and co-authored several books.

Although his formal qualifications are in medicine and surgery he hasn’t practised in the medical profession since the mid eighties.

I recently spoke to him about his views on the origins of our planet and of those of us who inhabit the earth. You can hear my discussion with Dr Carl Wieland by clicking play on the media player at the bottom of this post.

In a limited amount of time we could only really scratch the surface but the book, The Creation Answers Book, goes into a lot more detail and seeks to give answers to some of the tough questions regarding the origins of our world.

Can we really believe that God exists? What about the evidence for creation taking six days? Is carbon dating reliable? Where do dinosaurs fit in the Bible? If we all descended from Adam and Eve why are there so many races? Doesn’t the physical evidence point towards evolution?

These and so many other questions are tackled and answered in this book which has been put together by Don Batten, David Catchpoole, Jonathan Sarfati and Carl Wieland.

Even if you’re an evolutionist who wants to see how young earth creationists explain their beliefs this book could be worth a look.

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