We were out with friends celebrating a couple of 40th birthdays on Saturday night and I noticed that one of the other guests had a very small baby with them.

Looking at that little bundle made me think back to the days when our kids were that tiny. In some ways it seems like such a long time ago yet in other ways it’s like it was just yesterday.

Our youngest, James, turns nine today.

It’s hard to believe that such a talented and capable young man could have ever been a small helpless bundle. It’s been such an honour to sit back and see James develop into the person he is today and I’m really looking forward to the years ahead to see him continue to mature and become the person the Creator has destined him to be.

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  • Hi Rodney, I too recently found myself reflecting back on when Lucy was born, and funnily enough she has just turned nine as well! Lucy is my oldest though. Katy is 5.

    Lucy is really changing actually. A classic example was this year`s Halloween. She said to me after the usual round trip to family members that she didn`t want to do it next year and only did it this year so she wouldn`t disappoint her Nan who kindly made a costume for her! 😀

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