Beating Christmas Commercialisation

A lot of us talk about how much we dislike the commercialisation of Christmas each year and then we go ahead and buy into it anyway.

If you’re looking for a way to make the Christmas season about giving rather than consuming this may be of interest to you.

I got an email today from Evan asking me to highlight on The Journey. He explained the site and the vital service it provides. is a free directory with over 2,000 volunteer opportunities in ministries serving the poor. The site’s partners include the Salvation Army, GospelCom (, World Vision, the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions and over 1,000 ministries serving under-resourced communities.

In addition to volunteer opportunities for individuals, you can also search the site for opportunities that might be appropriate for church small groups and for short-term missions trips. If you just type your postal code, you can get a listing of the volunteer opportunities in your region.

I had a quick look at the site and founf that they have an impressive range of opportunities to serve others. I figured that I’d be writing this post only for readers from the United States but I even found some volunteer positions here in Perth, Western Australia.

Can I encourage you to check out the site and see if there’s anything happening in your area that you can contribute towards?

Even if there’s nothing there suitable, why not do your own research and find out how you can help others during this time. I know that many cities have Christmas celebrations for the homeless or appeals for food for those doing it tough. Please consider how you can be part of a very different Christmas this year.

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  • Thanks for this. I’m always so grateful for everything I have (and I don’t mean material things!) so it’s nice to be able to find ways to give back where it’s really needed.

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