I want it … NOW!

Ever noticed that it’s the things you can’t have that you really want?

We were pottering around at home some days ago when everything suddenly ground to a halt. Our power went out.

James and I immediately went outside to check the meter box while Emily headed next door to see if the neighbour’s power was off too.

All the circuit breakers were in the right position so we figured that it wasn’t just us left without electricity. I wasn’t too concerned because I spent a fair bit of time reading during the afternoon and as long as there was enough natural light, I could continue.

Strange thing was, I suddenly felt like sitting down with my book in one hand and a coffee in the other. A nice big mug of strong, hot, black coffee would have really been a wonderful thing. To that point I was content with just a book but as soon as I couldn’t boil water I wanted a coffee. We have an electric kettle and an electric stove, so there was no way to boil water for a cuppa.

The electricity fault phone line said that we would probably be without power for another two and a half hours. Great.

Oh well … I just got on with reading my book. Thankfully the power was back on within 20 minutes and I was able to make myself a coffee. It’s not an addiction, I’ve gone a couple of weeks without coffee and suffered no ill effects, it’s just that at that moment when I couldn’t have a cuppa, I really ‘needed’ one.

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