Let's Party

It’s a week of partying at school.

Emily and James had a small party yesterday with the other kids who have been learning piano throughout the year. The class parties are happening through the week and then holidays begin on Friday afternoon. Hard to believe another school year is over.

I imagine that there won’t be too much work being done in schools this week.

Do you remember the final week of school back when you were young? It was always pretty cruisey. Of course, if you hadn’t worked hard enough during the term there was always the sting of the school report in that week but it was generally pretty good.

I think final week celebrations was my favourite subject at school.

So Year 6 is over for Emily. When school begins again in February she’ll start her final year of primary school. Where have the years gone? James will move from Year 3 to Year 4.

I’m hoping to get away early on Friday afternoon to be at their final assembly for the year to see another year close.

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  • Hey, it’s just about the hols eh? Fay and I are currently in Syd and head down the sth coast on Friday. Tell your kids Keasty said to have a great holiday…. and you and Pauline too.

  • 🙂 Of course ove here in the UK our school year ends in July. Lucy is in year 4 at the moment and Katy in year 1. I still can`t quite believe that my baby will be going to secondry school in just a couple of years. It`s scary isn`t it, watching them grow up so fast!?

    I think my girls break up for Christmas on the 21st, and there isn`t going to be a Nativity or Christmas play this year as they did one last year. They will do a Christingle in the local chuch though. 🙂

  • Hello Keasty. I’ll certainly pass on your wishes to the family. Have a great time heading down the coast.

    Tracey, you’re so right. Our kids grow up way too fast. It really does seem like they were babies so recently.

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