Money Money Money

MoneyIt’s always nice to win something and money’s always a pretty good prize.

I’ve just picked up $25 cold hard cash from Thor Schrock. Thanks Thor. He was running a competition to rename his blog. The blog focusses on using current technology to maximise marketing.

I suggested the name Marketing Bytes which Thor liked the best from all the suggestions submitted but he still preferred to go with his own idea of Peanuts to Profits.

$25 may not be a huge amount but it’s a big help at this time of year when money tends to be even tighter than normal.

If you’re looking to pay off some of your holiday bills Thor’s Secret Classroom competition may be to your liking. He’s giving away $1800 in cash and prizes with first prize being $1000 cash.

 You can find all the details here.

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  1. Thor Schrock December 11, 2007

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