Are you on the list?

Are you on the list?

Just a quick bit of house keeping that could benefit both of us.

If you’re a regular reader here and you keep a blog, can you please do me a couple of favours? Please check ‘The Blog List’ in my sidebar to see if you’re listed. I like to promote the blogs of those who regularly spend time here.

I really do try to keep up with all the blogs listed through my Bloglines account, but with so many, things can sometimes get overlooked. I don’t want your blog to slip between the cracks. Please check to see if I have you listed and if I’ve got the right link. If there’s a need to update, please just let me know. Leave a comment in the comments section of this post or head to my Contact Page to find ways to contact me privately.

Second favour? I’d be more than honoured if you’d consider adding to your own blogroll. 🙂

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Hey Rodney – thanks for the comment. I noticed that you have a link to Compassion on your blog. Do you sponsor a child through Compassion. If so, have you written about him or her on your blog? I love reading the stories.

I sponsor Olphine, an eight year old in Haiti. I wrote about her here:

And yeah it’s about time I update my blogroll and add you! I’m so lazy about updating.

Hello Marlene. I hope you’re feeling better.

I remember reading about Olphine.

I actually visited Haiti and Dominican Republic in April with Compassion Australia.

I wrote quite a number of posts about the experience. You can check out some of my photos and my story of Haiti through my post Photos from Haiti and Dominican Republic but the most amazing story from that trip came from Dominican Republic when I met Ada. Can I encourage you to set aside some time to listen to Ada’s Story? You’ll be more convinced than ever about the value of Compassion Child Sponsorship.

Hi Rodney,

I’ve been reading your site for some time (through all the archives even 🙂 ), but my blog’s pretty new, so if you decide that there’s not enough to link to yet that’s perfectly understandable. *grin*

Thanks for the great variety of topics that you post on, there’s always something interesting to think about.

Yep, found Granomad there and you’re still on my smallish list. It got me here this time so it must be right!! Been busy on grandparenting duties but heading from Sydney back to Dubbo tomorrow.

I don’t keep a blog roll, I put everything in my links, to trick people to going to the sites I think need to be watched, to include blogs 😀

I am DEFINITELY putting you on my site, because I really enjoy reading your blog. Excellent reading first thing in the morning!

Hey I’m on a blogroll!!!! A nice feeling.

I don’t have a blogroll …. yet … have previously acknowledged your blog with a via … but when you post on those diff coloured lTdF jerseys I will be naming you as unbelievably inspiring read! Even tho your choice of footy teams (& movies) is dubious 😉

BTW I got CS3 – works fine – many thanks Rodney

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