The Sneeze that Pleases

I reached a significant milestone over the weekend. I managed to sneeze.

It might not seem like such an important event but for the last couple of weeks I’ve been suffering from a lot of lower back pain. At times I found it very difficult to carry out my daily duties. Simple things, like standing up, became quite a performance.

I’m still a little stiff and sore but things are so much better. Several days back I couldn’t let myself sneeze because I knew the jolt would cause my back too much pain. Over the weekend I was able sneeze confidently.

I knew then that it was time to get back on my bike so I was very pleased to cycle into work today. I guess I still have to be careful until I’m 100% but there’s something quite wonderful about returning to ‘normal’.

Of course now I just have to be concerned that the sneezing is only an allergy thing. The last thing I want is for my back to get better only to come down with a cold.

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