What's your greatest sporting moment?

BeijingOlympics.jpgThe opening ceremony is in full swing and Olympic Games for 2008 are finally underway.

In the coming days the best of the best will be representing their countries and competing for gold.

I must admit that I’ve never really been a competitive sports person. I’ve won a sprint or two against friends during our casual Saturday morning bike ride but I don’t think that counts. I’ve certainly cycled long distances including five times across Australia as well as a couple of cycling trips in India and one in Canada, but I wasn’t actually competing against the other cyclists who rode with me.

I’ve also played a bit of squash over the years and even though I’m not great, when I play, I do play to win. (Not that I’m always successful in my endeavours.)

Have you ever been involved in competitive sports? Do you have medals and trophies from your younger years? What is your greatest sporting moment?

I reckon the closest I ever got to sporting greatness was getting a green ribbon for third place in the sack race back at Wembley Downs Primary School when I was in about grade one or two.

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  • I’ve played a fair few sports over the years, but there was only ever one i really excelled at – as a youngester i raced BMX, and made it all the way to the NSW Championships where I came 3rd – looking back that would be my best sporting moment.

    I gave up BMX when we moved to Qld, in hindsight that was a bad move, BMX is huge these days and I had people telling me I was going to be really good at it… and look now it’s in the Olympics! I’ve even given up the chance of maybe having got myself an Olympic medal!

    But when I was 12 who’d have thought BMX would be an Olympic sport!

  • I’ve always enjoyed sports since I was a kid, though I cant say which was my “greatest” sporting moments. I took part in volleyball throughout school, and was even captain of my team during my lower secondary school days. I pride myself in being a long distance swimmer, and a reasonably good badminton player for a girl. However, I never joined any team for competitive purposes. It’s something I wished I had done during my school days 🙂

  • Hello winniel. Thanks for dropping in.

    I wish I’d been more into sport when I was at school. I did my best to avoid anything sporting. However, you did remind me that I played a little volleyball and represented our primary school once. We were soundly beaten but being part of a school team was a good feeling.

  • You know I have never really been a sporting person. I do remember once in high school I did a 100 meter sprint (if I remember correctly) and I remember that even through coughing and wheezing (I suffered from mild asthma as a kid) I managed to cross the finish line.

    I have to say that I was stoked as noone thought I would be able to do it. 😉
    LOL not a major achievement but certainly my best.

  • I took first place in my local swimming club when I was 13. Northam. There were two of us in our age group and the other guy didn’t want to swin the butterfly. I hated butterfly, but it was a no brainer when all I had to do was finish.

    Anyway, whatever happened to the sack race? They don’t do it at my kids’ primary school.

  • 2002 – High Schools Country Week.
    I was captaining the senior volleyball team. It was 1 set a piece and the third set was a ‘first to 15’ deal. The score was Us 8, opposition 13(so 2 points from victory). I came on and served out the set (with a LOT!!! of help from my team mates.)

    NOTHING will beat the euphoria I felt that day.

  • I did calisthenics in Sth Aust for 10 years. Easiest way to explain it is competetive dance (in a team, like a mix between ballet, rhythmic gymnastics and formation marching).
    We won the state championships one year, the same year that the team i was assistant coach for did! I also won our equivalent of the best and fairest. My sister won it the year after I did, so both our names are on the trophy 🙂

  • Well, my only real sport is bowling, and I don’t know that I have any really great moments in bowling.

    There is a baseball story that I like to tell, though. You see, I’m not real good at baseball. Well, I’m okay … if it wasn’t for the hitting, throwing, catching, and running, that is.

    One day at a Boy Scout event, we had a game going just to bide the time, and I was at second base trying not to do too much harm, when the ball was driving more or less right to me. I reached for it, and — this, by the way is proof that miracles do happen — caught it squarely in my glove. Quite possibly the only person I’ve ever caught out in a game of baseball in my life.

    People who didn’t know me figured that I must be a formidable player. My best friend later asked, “How come you never caught anything in gym class?” You can always count on your friends to keep you humble, right?

  • State Youth Games – Indoor Soccer Captain.. I was the goalie in the shootout for the grand final (and I am NOT a goalie) but I was determined that no matter how much pain it was going to cause being hit in the face at full speed with a soccer ball, at ANY EXPENSE TO MY HEALTH, I would not let the ball go in.
    And it didn’t. And we won 🙂

  • It was a great game and Swans were in front at the five minute mark of the final quarter. We won’t fade away like that in the grand final. 🙂

    Of course we’re still 2 -1 this year with a convincing win in the pre-season grand final and a one point win earlier this year.

  • Everyone expected Smith to boot the one goal he needed to reach his 100 for the season in the first quarter but he was held without a goal until that five minute mark of the final quarter. After that it all fell apart for Swans.

    It was funny watching the Channel 10 cameraman with his camera pointing towards the goal to catch that moment in the first quarter. He was obviously expecting a quick job. He then packed up the gear and marched to the other end, returned for the third quarter then back to the other end for the last quarter to finally do what he was there to do.

  • very funny!!

    Ok here’s a great sporting moment for me … it will give my age away!

    I was there when Austin Roberston Jnr bagged 15 against East Fremantle at Subiaco Oval in 1968 to finish the season with 157 goals – the Subi team went looking for him at every oportunity!!

    Fun memory!

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