Preparing for sale

House_for_Sale_sign.jpgWe all swear it won’t happen next time but it always does.

As I previously mentioned, we’re looking at selling our home and so we’re busy repairing and sorting. I reckon by the time we’ve got our house ready to put on the market it’ll look so good that we won’t want to sell it.

We’ve certainly made a number of improvements over the past 15 years that have been just for us and which have improved the home for our own family but there always seems to be certain things that you always mean to get around to that only happen when you’re getting ready to sell.

We’ve wanted to change our driveway ever since we moved in back in September 1993 and we’ll finally get around doing something with it so that it looks OK for the next owners.

The problem for us has mostly been that I’m the world’s worst handyman. I marvel at those people who can spend a couple of afternoons in the yard and totally revolutionise their homes. I’m certainly not the kind of guy who should be left alone with power tools. I have made some advances and can handle certain small tasks but repaving a driveway …. I really wouldn’t know where to start.

I guess that wherever we end up moving we’ll just try to make the improvements for ourselves and not someone we don’t even know.

Have you ever noticed the same kind of thing? Have you ever surprised yourself with just how good your home is once you’ve prepared it for sale? Have you ever decided to stay because you’ve done such a good job of preparing your home to sell?

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  • This made me laugh…. My hubby is not the handiest person in the world either, or so at least I thought. When he does do something though, it comes out nice. He’s a perfectionist… Hey! Maybe all these years he’s pretending to not be handy all the while he’s very handy. who knows. but it’s always a challenge for us too when we want to do something and can’t then run across the person who tiled their kitchen and remodeled their kitchen! ha! good luck to you.

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