Romancing your spouse

Romancing your spouse

Today’s challenge is to pick a couple of items (or more) from the list and put them into action.

Christianity Today has published a list writen by Jill Savage titled The Most (Unusual) Romantic Things. It’s a list of 20 simple ideas that will help you let your ‘significant other’ that you’re thinking of them. Go on … check out the list and get started.

We can get so caught up thinking that romance is all about the big gestures that we forget about the little things that say ‘I love you’. I spotted a few things on the list that I’m already doing and a few that I should start doing.

I’d love to get your comments and ideas for a few more simple things that will help keep romance alive. What are the little things you do that communicate your love? What little things does your spouse do that remind you that you are loved? What are the little things you wish your spouse would do for you?

Thanks to Bowden McElroy for pointing me to the article.

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5 responses to “Romancing your spouse”

  1. I got inspired by a friend’s wife who gave him a present every day for the 50 days leading up to his 5oth birthday!

    So I did the same for my wife’s birthday this year – a present for every one of the 55 days (well almost every day!) leading up to her 55th.

    Some days it was expensive perfume, other days a single chocolate, another a stationary catalogue (she loves stationary!) – she loved it!! And so did I – lotta fun.

  2. How about a nice lunchbox filled with yummy food, decorated nicely and adding a note to it?
    Putting on a bit of the perfume the spouse loves most?
    Just listening to the partner and help without being asked. I said my back hurts a lot lately and in the gym there is a machine that helps, but itยดs always taken. I now have a horizontal bar I can install easily inbetween the kitchen door and just “hang on” for relief ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Romance? Well, Hunnybunny isn’t wired that way. So I guess when he does something I’ve asked about only once. It just blows me away when he remembers.

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