100 Dirty Websites

Want a list of the dirtiest websites online at the moment? Did you know that you’re risking infection just by visiting a dirty website?

Symantec’s Web site ratings service Norton Safe Web has once again ranked the top 100 Dirtiest Web Sites. We’re not just talking about dirty content, it’s all about viruses that can infect your computer. With most of these sites you don’t even have to click on aything or download anything, visiting the sites is enough to corrupt your PC.

The rankings are based on the number of threats detected by Norton Safe Web as of August 2009.

It comes as no surprise that 48% of the Dirtiest Web Sites are, well, dirty— sites that feature adult content. However, other Dirtiest sites run the gamut of subject matter, including sites dedicated to deer hunting, catering, figure skating, legal services, and buying electronics. Viruses are the most common threat represented on the Dirtiest list, followed by security risks and browser exploits. Simply clicking through to a site with these threats could put you at risk of exposing your computer to infection, and worse, put your identity, personal and financial information into the hands of cybercriminals.

You can see a sample of the sites at the Norton Safe Web site but if you want the full list, and keep up to date with risks, they recommend you join the Norton Safe Web Community.

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