It’s Never OK …

It’s Never OK …

… that’s why it’s called “cheating”.

I found it interesting to see a web-poll today being run by Channel Ten’s The Project today asking the question, “Is cheating on your partner ever OK?” The choices were ‘Sometimes’ and ‘Never’.

After clicking the ‘Never’ option I was pleased to see that results were saying that over 96% of respondents agreed with me. Unfortunately, when I checked back later I noticed that those thinking it’s OK to cheat ‘Sometimes’ had increased to over 12%. As more votes come in I guess that number will change around a little more but it concerns me that some people think it’s OK to cheat on their partner in some circumstances.

While I can’t excuse it, I understand that there will sometimes be circumstances that make cheating a fairly attractive option and that some people will follow through and cheat on their partner, but to say it’s OK is a little too much of a stretch for me. Haven’t we all seen too much of the devastation caused when cheating partners are caught out? How difficult is it for those affected to move forward in life after having their trust betrayed so totally?

I make a point of building a hedge around my marriage. While cheating is the furthest thing from my mind, I know that anyone can be caught in a weak moment so I take steps to avoid being caught in a compromising situation.

If you have been the victim of a cheating spouse or you have cheated and you want to find a way forward, let me recommend a blog called Marriages Restored. It’s written by Ben and Ann Wilson, a married couple who know the pain of infidelity but who have overcome its effects and are now helping others.

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