Someone Else’s Daughter

We’ve known for years that sex sells. Many advertisers take the lazy way out when trying to sell us more stuff that they figure they’ll just drape a scantily clad woman across the product then wait for the money to start rolling in. They use women simply as objects to sell other objects.

A car owner in Oregon has now decided to follow in the footsteps of these mental giants and drape a young woman across his old Datsun. After all, sexualised advertising has been working for decades so why shouldn’t he use sex to sell his car?

The difference is that it’s his own daughter that he’s using in the advertising.

In a bid to sell his vintage car on eBay, Kim Ridley, from Oregon, decided to enlist the help of his 20-year-old daughter Lexxa – by getting her to pose provocatively with, and on, the car so he could upload them to his eBay site.

More than a dozen images show the tattooed, pierced-lip, bottle blonde leaning over the Z-Series, some with a birds-eye-view shot of either her cleavage or butt cheeks – which are just about covered with a pair of black panties. – Daily Mail

There’s been quite an outcry, and rightly so, yet the interesting thing is that people aren’t so much commenting on his actions in using female body parts to sell a clapped out car, it’s that it’s his daughter. Interesting.

It seems that people wouldn’t have been so shocked if it was someone else’s daughter.

People are suggesting that he should have used a professional model. That confuses me. Aren’t professional models women too? Aren’t they someone else’s daughters?

If we’re OK with other people’s daughters being used as objects, why wouldn’t we be OK with our own daughters being treated that way?

When contacted by AdFreak, Mr Ridley revealed he does not regret his decision saying: ‘If I felt bad about it, I wouldn’t do it.’

Not only that, but he also admitted to using sexy snaps not only of his daughter, but also her friends in a bid to sell his wares on eBay. – Daily Mail

When we allow other men’s daughters to be used to sell objects we treat those women as objects. When we treat any woman as an object we dehumanise them and we give our own daughters the message that that’s all they’re worth.

If we want to teach our daughters how they should expect men to treat them and honour them, we need to let them see the way we treat other men’s daughters.

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