An Embarassing Awakening


What are you like at sleeping on planes? A lot of the travelling I did on the way to and from Bangladesh and India last month was in the middle of the night, so I kept dozing off and waking up. I couldn’t get any decent sleep but I had a series of naps, only waking up to try to move my aching neck.

Seems the co-pilot on a low cost Dutch airline is better at sleeping on aircraft than I am. He was on a flight to Crete in Greece in September last year when the pilot left the cockpit to go to the toilet.

When the pilot returned he couldn’t get back into the cockpit because the co-pilot had nodded off. I’m not sure that it’d be particularly comforting for passengers to see their pilot locked out of the cockpit. Thankfully he managed to get back in where he found the co-pilot asleep.

Where’s the most embarrassing place you’ve fallen asleep?

I’ve felt pretty sleepy at times but managed to avoid falling asleep at the wrong time. Mind you, that can be a real battle.

Have you fallen asleep on public transport and missed your stop? Have you nodded off at work or in a meeting? Did you manage to hide it or did you get sprung?

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