Finishing the Race


In the year 2000 Australia joined 188 other nations in a commitment to achieving eight Millennium Development Goals in order to halve poverty by 2015. Micah Challenge’s Finish the Race campaign aims to make sure that we don’t leave that job unfinished.

Micah Challenge is a global movement of Christian agencies, churches, groups and individuals which aims to deepen engagement with the poor and reduce poverty. I spoke to National Coordinator, John Beckett, on my radio program this morning.

In the run up to the federal election in 2013, and with the 2015 goal line for the Millennium Development Goals fast approaching, Australia has an opportunity to save and improve the lives of millions of the world’s poorest people. Join us as we call on the Australian government to finish what we started when we committed to achieving these goals.

Halving poverty across the globe by 2015 is a very ambitious goal. I asked how are we doing so far and you might be surprised how well we’ve done in some areas. Of course there’s still much to do to Finish the Race and if you click the play button on the audio player below you’ll hear John explain some practical ways that we can help continue seeing poverty reduced.

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Rodney Olsen

Rodney Olsen is a husband, father, cyclist and blogger from Perth Western Australia. He works for Compassion Australia, releasing children from poverty in Jesus' name.