Alice Brings it to the Table


MasterChef Australia is now into its fifth season and while many of us are still at the stage of getting to know who’s who among the contestants, deciding who we’d like to see do well or even win, there are several contestants from previous years that still hold a place in Australia’s heart.

Alice Zaslavsky was a school teacher before she joined MasterChef last year. Alice was known for her big glasses and even bigger personality.

Alice is on a quick trip to Western Australia this weekend to go truffle hunting.

She joined me on the phone for a quick chat during my radio program today. We talked about her current television program, Kitchen Whiz, as well as other projects that have kept her busy since leaving MasterChef last year.

We also chatted about a great initiative called Bring it to the Table which is described as a fun, easy way for people to show support for those living with dementia. It helps raise awareness and much needed funds for services and research.

You can listen to our conversation by clicking the play button on the audio player below.

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Rodney Olsen

Rodney Olsen is a husband, father, cyclist and blogger from Perth Western Australia. He works for Compassion Australia, releasing children from poverty in Jesus' name.