Mrs Noah

Tonight is School Concert Night. My 7 year old daughter has been counting down the days for quite some time. She’s a real actress and tonight she gets to perform as Mrs Noah. My darling wife has organised the Mrs Noah costume and so it’s on with the show.

Our little girl can hardly wait – and I’ll let you in on a secret – her parents can hardly wait too.

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Search: Guy Sebastian Lyrics!

It seems that just because I made mention of Guy Sebastian several posts ago, quite a few people have ended up checking out my blog after running a search for ‘Guy Sebastion Lyrics.’

I figure that Darren has experienced the same thing because he’s posted the lyrics on his blog.

Hope that helps you if you came here looking for Guy Sebastian stuff.

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Waiting for that Aha! Moment

I was speaking to a pastor recently about the possibility of staging performances of Mark’s Gospel by Noel Christian in his area.

I talked about the possibilities of taking the performance to a secular setting such as the local pub. Noel recounted the story of how effective it can be when we do this kind of stuff in places like that.

We talked excitedly about reaching beyond the ‘church’ to people who really need the gospel.

The pastor, a guy who I really respect, seemed to be very caught up in the excitement. He then said that he could see Noel’s performance fitting in very well with a new concept they’re starting soon – ‘in their church.’ Aaaargh.

Like so often before, I’m left waiting for this guy to have that aha! experience. That moment when he realises that the people who need to hear this stuff and experience the performance won’t walk through the doors of his church. The people who will walk through the door are those invited as friends of members of the church – and hey – shouldn’t they be introduced to Jesus by their friends anyway?

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How Many Personalities?

I was getting changed today and started thinking about the many different aspects there are to each of us. I was changing from my shirt and tie to my lycra cycling gear. Both outfits are totally me but completely different.

I love dressing well when the situation requires it. I feel very much at home in a suit. I also love wearing my cycling gear and getting out on the road. Both these outfits are very much me at work, though in very different parts of my job.

Then there’s all the other changes of clothes I go through, each appropriate for whatever task I’m involved in at the time.

My point? (You knew I had to be rambling about this for some reason.) We are multi-faceted creatures and most of the time we can slip between each facet without changing who we are. Why is this important? We need to be aware that while we must create ‘church’ that fits our community as a natural expression of our lives, we musn’t be afraid to incorporate some concepts that are ‘other worldly’. We don’t want to create ‘false segments’ in our lives but we must understand that we naturally vacillate between roles without compromising the integrity of who we are.

I hope that makes some kind of sense.:)

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Done Your Christmas Shopping Yet?

Darryl has posted an interesting link to a site suggesting that we buy nothing this Christmas. Sure wraps up Christmas shopping in a hurry.

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