Hypnotised at Work

I did a little moonlighting today. I did a 3 hour voice over seesion. I sat in a studio with another voice over artsist and read scripts.

Most of mine consisted of a number of introductory phrases and a bunch of numbers. I wouls read ‘1’, she would read a word, I would read ‘2’, she would read another word and so on and so forth. It was for the audio component for an English language workbook. By the end of the 3 hours we worth both almost hypnotised by the slow, repetitive nature of the job. Mind you, I don’t mind to much. It pays well and they’ve booked us again for Monday morning.

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Some Good Television

After my earlier rant about television I’ve now got to mention some great news I got this morning.

One of the national commercial networks has agreed to screen a documentary, currently in production, about my recent cycle trip from Perth to Hobart. We will put a one hour programme together looking at the highs and lows of our 32 day trip. It’ll be awesome. We’ll be showing the rest of Australia what a bunch of people can do when they’re sold out to Jesus.

Now we only need to find some more sponsors to kick in some more editing funds. Let’s celebrate.

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They're So Cute

The neighbours’ cat had kittens about a month ago. A week or so back the mother cat took the 4 kittens away. She has continued to come and go from next door but without her offspring. We had a quick look around our yard but couldn’t see anything. The mother cat has been spending more and more time in our yard so I had a closer look yesterday. Bingo. Four adorable, fluffy, ginger kittens with bright blue eyes.

I’m a bit reticent about letting the neighbours know that they’re here because they’re very peaceful in our yard. At their place they have 3 ‘energetic’ children who pay the kittens a bit too much attention. I’m sure thats why the mum shifted them. I know I’ll have to tell them eventually but in the meantime I’m loving having them there.

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Television Ruling Our Lives

I have to admit that I’m not a rugby fan at all and I didn’t even watch one game of the World Cup. However, I was intrigued to hear the outrage at the way both the English and Australian teams were presented with their medals after the final.

International Rugby Board chairman Syd Millar apparently looked as if he was tossing medals at the Aussies and didn’t waste time with pleasantries like shaking hands. Aussie Prime Minister awarded the English with their medals and there have been dozens of letters writen to newspapers about his attitude. Talk radio around Australia has filled the airwaves with people saying what a sore loser our PM is.

Today we have been given a reason for the apparent bad manners. The game ran late and so they had TV guys hovering the whole time telling the presenters to hurry up. Can you believe it? This is the World Cup, the pinnacle achievement of an international game and it’s being dictated by television producers. I know that the TV thing is important but you’ve got to ask, when did TV stop reporting on major events and start running them. (A long time ago I know.) Already most televised sports need to wait on the green light to recommence play after television advertising breaks.

I’ve got a lot more to say about this – and that’s coming up, right after this break ………..

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