Tim Winders – Rising from the Ashes

Tim Winders went from being a multi-millionaire living a lavish lifestyle to a homeless nomad. What caused such a dramatic change and what spiritual and life lessons did he learn along the way?

Known for his insight and effective, practical methodology, Tim Winders is a gifted speaker, facilitator, coach, and author. He is also the host and a content creator at the SGC Network.

It has always been Tim’s passion to aid others. As a consultant and coach, he is proud to help people from all walks of life become expert business owners, entrepreneurs, time managers, prioritizers, goal-setters, communicators, and, ultimately, confident and successful individuals. Combining his passion and gift for mentorship with his expertise in management development, negotiations, marketing, customer service, teamwork, communication, leadership, and strategic performance, Tim is able to consistently offer life- and business-changing results. Today, Tim specializes in business growth, leadership development, asset protection and privacy, and real estate investing. – TimWinders.com

Tim was my guest on the most recent episode of Bleeding Daylight. We explored the financial crash that lead to a very different lifestyle for Tim and his family.

These days, Tim and his wife choose to live a much simpler life in an RV. His story is fascinating and holds lessons for us all.

Tim is also the creator and host of the podcast, Seek. Go. Create.

Listen to our discussion on Bleeding Daylight wherever you find podcasts or click play on the audio player below.

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How much is enough?


It’s very likely that you feel that you could do with a few more dollars … then a few more … and several more after that. Having a few more dollars in our pockets and a few less unpaid bills piling up seems to be a very attractive idea.

But how much is enough?

John D. Rockefeller (1839 – 1937) is said to have had a fortune of around nine hundred million dollars. Measured in today’s dollars, his wealth would make him the richest person in the history of mankind. He was once asked how much money is enough, to which he answered, “one more dollar”. All he had still wasn’t enough. It wasn’t able to satisfy him. He always wanted more.

I found it quite a contrast to hear Dick Smith’s point of view in a recent interview on ABC TV. He said he didn’t have a desire to keep earning more and more money. Of course he has made a lot of money through a variety of businesses but he has come to the point of realising that continuing to chase the next dollar is a hollow pursuit.

It’s amazing how people don’t understand that. They think if you’re a successful businessman you must want to make more money.

I don’t want to make any more money. If I did, I would have stuck to electronics.

I could’ve become a billionaire, but no, I wanted to spend time with my family, to go adventuring, to put something back in, which I learnt from the scouts, and all of those things I’ve been so lucky to do. – Dick Smith

I remember research from about a decade back which said that only 1 in 20 Australian millionaires considered themselves prosperous. They said they couldn’t afford the things they needed and felt they had to make more and more money. Unfortunately, that attitude is likely to mean that they’ll never be satisfied with what they have, no matter how much their income rises.

I don’t always agree with Dick Smith but I reckon he’s got it right this time. Yes, he does have significant wealth already but he has identified those things that he wants to spend his life on like family, adventuring and putting something back. More than identifying them, he’s taken steps to prioritise those things over simply accumulating more wealth. He’s realised that one more dollar won’t be enough if he loses touch with what really matters to him.

I’ve heard people who chase after money say that it’s only for a season. They say they just want to get enough money for this or that and then they can slow things down a little and enjoy life. I’ve seen those ‘seasons’ extended time and time again while the things that should matter are pushed further and further into the background, often disappearing altogether.

Can I encourage you to decide what it is that you consider to be really important and then order your life accordingly. Not plan to make time for things that really matter further down the track but live like they matter today. Because if you don’t live like they really matter today, you might need to face the reality that they don’t actually matter to you at all.

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Are you richer than a millionaire?

Australian MoneyI read something today that is a perfect reminder of something that I think is so very important.

Trey Morgan wrote a post titled I’m richer than a Millionaire. He talks about a recent encounter with a mulit-millionaire. I don’t want to spoil it for you so please read Trey’s post.

Once you’ve read the post I hope you’ll be able to join Trey in saying that you’re richer than a millionaire. I know that I can say that I am.

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