Bike for Bibles 2008

RedFort.JPGThis is a photo of me during a rest day on my most recent Bike for Bibles ride. It was in India back in 2005 and I’m sitting on the throne of Jahangir at Agra’s Red Fort. Over my shoulder you can see the Taj Mahal.

The throne of Jahangir was built in 1602. They sure don’t make seats to last like that anymore.

I’ve had some amazing experiences through Bike for Bibles and cycled many thousands of kilometres. My involvement started way back in 1987 with the first-ever Bike for Bibles crossing of Australia. I’ve cycled from Perth to Canberra twice, Perth to Adelaide, Perth to Sydney and Perth to Hobart as well as taking part in many rides within Western Australia.

I’ve also been overseas with Bike for Bibles on three occasions. The first time was in 1992 for the first ever Canadian Bike for Bibles. We cycled through the Rockies and it was absolutely magnificent. I battled Indian traffic in 2003 and 2005 for Bike for Bibles and would go back there tomorrow if I could.

From August 1999 to August 2004 I served as the Western Australian Bike for Bibles Coordinator for the Bible Society. After my five years service there I returned to radio.

I had the opportunity to combine my love of Bike for Bibles and radio this morning when I interviewed David Pascoe about an upcoming ride from Perth to Albany. You can find the details of the ride at the Bike for Bibles blog or click play on the audio player in this post to hear what David had to say.


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