People Just Like Us

All over the world people just like us

Are calling Your name, living in Your love

All over the world people just like us

Are following Jesus

We sang this song during our Sunday service and I couldn’t help thinking, “Wouldn’t it be great if it wasn’t only people just like us that were following Jesus?”

Sure we have people from many walks of life in our churches, our fellowship has a very wide range of members, but there are still huge gaps among our churches in general. I’d love to see a wider mix of nationalities. I’d love to see broken people coming to know Jesus and having their lives transformed. I’d love to see more desperately poor people meeting Jesus. I’d love to see the sorts of people that Jesus mixed with while on earth meeting him today. Where are the prostitutes and tax collectors?

I love fellowshipping with people just like me but I’d love it even more if we were more effective in fellowshipping with people who are nothing at all like us, even if it is more uncomfortable at times.

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Rodney Olsen

Rodney is a husband, father, cyclist, blogger and podcaster from Perth Western Australia.

He previously worked in radio for about 25 years but these days he spends his time at Compassion Australia, working towards releasing children from poverty in Jesus' name.

The views he expresses here are his own.

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