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One of the very pleasant parts of my job is being able to talk to a range of people and to find out a little more about them and their passions.

It was a real delight this morning to spend 15 minutes on the phone to Marcia Hines.

She was wonderfully friendly and a very easy person to interview.

We discussed Australian Idol for a short time but then focussed on her new album, Hinesight – Songs from the Journey.

I took a listen to the CD before interviewing Marcia and enjoyed her interpretation of some great songs. To say it is a covers album would cheapen the effort. Yes, you will find 13 songs that will mostly be familiar to you, but as I remarked to Marcia, each song sounds like a Marcia Hines song. She has an amazing ability to make each song her own.

She has recorded a wide range of songs from Sam Cook’s You Send Me to Donald Fagen’s IGY. There’s a wonderful version of James Taylor’s Shower the People with added vocals from Belinda Emmett, and Ian Moss joins Marcia on the Dragon classic Sunshine.

However, the stand out track for me is her recording of When I Fall in Love. It has a wonderfully rich arrangement and her vocals are to die for. The story behind her recording of the song is touching.

If you want to hear the interview you can use the media player below.

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