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It’s a long way from becoming a reality but it’s a lot closer than it’s ever been. is an Australian tourism company which has just committed twenty million dollars to the formation of an Australian Tour de France team. While many Australians have done very well in the event for many years, including Cadel Evans with his second place this year, we’ve never had an Australian team.

The plan is to attract prominent Australian cyclists like Cadel Evans, Robbie McEwan, Michael Rogers Stuart O’Grady, Baden Cook and Simon Gerrans.

Cycling Australia, the Australian Sports Commission and the Australian Institute of Sport are all behind the idea. Extensive talks have also been held with federal Minister of Sport, George Brandis, Fran Bailey, the Minister for Tourism, and key members of Tony Abbott’s health ministry staff.

You can read more of the details in this story at The Australian or check out the Media Clippings at the Press Centre.

I don’t think they’ll be calling me anytime soon to go riding with them but it’d be great to see an Aussie team taking on the world’s greatest annual sporting event.

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