… and that's why regular excersize is best

After a lot of false starts I finally got out for a Saturday morning bike ride.

Over the past several weeks a number of things have prevented me from going on my regular Saturday morning ride with a group of friends. There have been a couple of very wet days, I was working one Saturday morning and last week I was recovering from Radiothon which finished the night before.

It was a wet morning but rain wasn’t really falling too heavily or frequently so I decided to bite the bullet and see if anyone else was silly enough to brave the elements.

I was the first one to the meeting spot. I got there a few minutes early and kept hoping that a few others would show up.

Just before 7:00, our appointed meeting time, one other rider rolled up. We waited a while for any late comers but in the end it was just the two of us.

We headed off and took a slightly shorter route than we normally would. It’s always easier in a larger bunch because the riders in front do more work than those behind. Swapping leaders around through the ride shares the work but when there’s only two of you it’s a little tougher.

It was a great ride and we met up with a few of the other guys at the coffee shop afterwards. They’d driven there and were all dry and warm. The long black coffee and muffin made the effort all the more worthwhile.

Towards the end of the ride I started to run out of energy. My legs started cramping a little too. I guess that’s just a little reminder form me not to miss so many Saturdays in a row. I’ve still been riding to and from work every day but it’s not quite the same as a brisk 50 km ride. I’ll have to make sure I’m out again next Saturday and perhaps even sneak in some extra kilometres this week on the way to work.

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  • So true, I went to the gym a lot, then got busy and sick etc etc and now I can feel it too in my body. Mind you every Friday I play 90 min netball followed by 90 min swimming, the distance for aerobic fitness gets further and further. Today I sit with sore back muscles, we did Butterfly drills … ouch!
    We are riding tomorrow through Kings Park!! 🙂

  • I was a competitive dancer for 10 years, 10 years ago. I’ve missed dancing, so I thought i’d join the dance ministry at church. Not to perform, but mostly in an advisory sole – and to dance a bit. My first class was saturday. After 3 hours of korean hip-hop, modern dance and street, i was spent. Two days later, i’m still sore. Thankfully most of the class is sore too, but i really have a long way to go!

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