When bins go bad

It might be Spring here in Perth but we had some quite wet and windy conditions yesterday. As I was cycling to work this morning I noticed a fence had come down in a local street.

Squally winds like that cause all kinds of objects to act out of character.

I was looking out of the window while I was at work yesterday and spotted a couple of bins next door. They were beside each other, next to the curb at the edge of the footpath.

Suddenly the yellow lidded bin moved backwards about half a metre, turned slightly, then rushed forwards, knocking the green lidded bin over into the street. The yellow lidded bin was still upright on the curbside. It looked very premeditated and vindictive.

I really wish I was videoing the incident. I know that it was just the wind pushing things around but it was very funny to watch. Though I must admit that there’s no way I’m going to trust that yellow lidded bin ever again.

Posted by Rodney Olsen

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  • We have had problems with the yellow lid bins here in the USA.
    A ruthless gang wearing yellow lids, these bins will jump out in front of unsuspecting vehicles, get hit and then blame the driver for spreading their propagandized trash thru out the neighborhood.
    Every now and then, a gang fight will break out among the Bins and the Cans and their rumblings can be heard for blocks.
    You?re not alone my friend. You?re not alone.

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