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throughtheireyes.jpgAndrew Frazer is a full time volunteer staff member at Youth With A Mission, Perth.

I spoke to him last when he’d just returned from a two week documentary trip through Thailand. The focus for the trip was to highlight the horrific practice of Child Trafficking and the circumstances that allow such an industry to exist.

Since then he’s travelled to India and Nepal.

Andrew joined me a couple of days ago on The Morning Programme on 98.5 Sonshine FM to talk about a new exhibition titled Through Their Eyes.

Thousands of children continue to be bought and sold across our world. Some are forced into child labour, some are used as child soldiers and many are sold into the sex trade. It’s a horrific situation that makes millions of dollars for those who trade children while many thousands of lives are destroyed.

The Through Their Eyes exhibition will be held at the Moores Building, Henry Street, Fremantle from the 2nd to the 10th February. There’ll also be an official opening from 6:30 tomorrow evening.

The photographic display highlights the increasing problem of child-trafficking in South Asia.

All sales or donations will go directly towards protecting children at risk in South Asia.

Hear our conversation using the media player below.

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