New PM for Haiti

Just a quick post for those wanting to stay up to date with the situation in Haiti.

The President named a new Prime Minister yesterday. This AFP news report says that 63 year old Ericq Pierre has been handed the position. I truly hope that the government can move quickly to help the people of Haiti.

Haiti on Sunday named a new prime minister two weeks after his predecessor was ousted over rocketing food and fuel prices that sparked violent demonstrations claiming several lives.

President Rene Preval chose Ericq Pierre, 63, a respected Haitian economist with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in Washington, to be the country’s prime minister, government sources told AFP.

Pierre, whose nomination must now pass a vote in parliament, would succeed former premier Jacques-Edouard Alexis, who was forced to resign on April 12 after a no-confidence vote followed food riots that killed six people and wounded around 200.

Now is not the time for token political gestures; it’s time for real action that will put food in the mouths of the Haitian people. I truly hope that this latest move will have real and immediate effects.

Compassion Day on Thursday the 15th of May will focus on making a difference for the people of Haiti.

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