Crash and Crumble

lightning.jpgI’ve mentioned before that we’re getting our home ready to sell.

Our efforts were dealt a bit of a blow – quite literally – on Friday night.

While I certainly appreciated the rain and I always enjoy a good electrical storm, I could have done without the wind.

Just before nine on Friday night I heard some very loud thunder and so I looked out into our front yard to watch the lightening display.

Shortly after that I heard a very loud crumbling noise coming from the back yard. I looked out to see that a very large section of our side fence had just blown over. I watched a while longer and saw another section collapse.

It was rather spectacular seeing the back yard light up like it was the middle of the day each time the lightning flashed. It’s been a while since I’ve seen lightning that bright.

An insurance assessor was around to our home this morning to survey the damage. He said that even a couple of sheets that hadn’t gone down are cracked and ready to go. So now we need to get some quotes to replace twenty five metres of fencing. We’re told that fencing contractors are very busy at the moment but we’re hoping it won’t take too long to get the repairs done.

Oh well, maybe it’ll be a selling point. “Four bedroom two bathroom home with a brand new side fence for sale.”

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