I've lost my touch

We had a wonderful time last night celebrating Pauline’s birthday.

We headed out to a smorgasbord restaurant and I found that I’ve lost my touch. It’s probably not a bad thing. In fact it’s quite a good thing.

Even though it was one of those all you can eat places, I’m finding that I just can’t eat all that I used to. I remember when smorgasbords meant piling up the plate and seeing how many times you could go back for more. I was quite the expert at ‘getting my money’s worth’.

I’ll admit that I had a larger dinner than I would on most nights but I was more than happy starting with a plate of cold food, then onto one hot and finishing off with sweets. None of the plates were piled up and I was happy to stop when I felt full.

I must say that it was so enjoyable to fill up on good food and still be able to leave the restaurant without feeling like I’d overdone it. I can still remember leaving restaurants after eating way too much and feeling decidedly seedy.

Maybe I’m getting old or just getting wiser.

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  • *laughing* … all you can eat places really make money off of me … i’d rather leave feeling comfortable – and not stuffed!

    blessings on ya!

  • I still haven’t learnt my lesson yet. I eat at “all you can eat places” until I feel sick and can barely walk out. I also order to much when I go out to resteraunts and get takeway. I end up throwing half of it in the bin and lying on the couch all night because i cant move lol

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