Cotton Top Tamarin

CottonTopTamarin.jpgIf I’d clicked a couple of seconds earlier he would have been looking right at me.

In last week’s post, Zootopia, I wrote about the incredible experience of going behind the scenes at Perth Zoo.

We managed to get some great photos during our close encounter. This is one of my favourites. Even thought I didn’t quite capture the Cotton Top Tamarin looking at the camera, I reckon it’s a great shot. I wonder what would happen if I started wearing my hair like that.

I’ll dig out some of the other pictures for you to see in the coming days.

Perth Zoo offers several Close Encounters with the animals and if you enjoy spending time with animals I’d encourage you to look at the packages they have available.

Of course the attractions of the Perth Zoo may only really interest you if you’re in Western Australia but how long has it been since you visited your local zoo? Are you an animal lover? What kind of zoo animals are your favourites? Do you make a point of visiting other zoos if you’re visiting another city?

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