Counting the Years

Aili from Not Perfection wrote a post a couple of days ago titled The Cycle.

Her post consisted of just one line.

I’ve noticed recently that my parents’ hands are starting to look like the hands of my grandparents.

The post got me thinking. I commented in reply.

I’ve noticed recently that my hands are looking like my parents’ hands once did.

Have you noticed the signs of aging in yourself? Are there tell tale signs that you’re not quite as young as you used to be? Do you see your parents staring back at you from the mirror?

While there are some days that I feel my age more than others, I find it difficult at times to think of myself as any older than I’ve been for the last twenty years. Then I look at the mirror a little longer and see a middle aged man standing where a young man once did. There are deep lines where there used to be smooth skin. My scalp isn’t quite as populated as it once was and there are a few more signs of grey starting to creep into the picture.

I’m not overly concerned by the changes. Sure, if I had the choice I’d choose young over old, but I’d certainly like to keep the wisdom that the years have helped to develop. I’m generally comfortable in my skin, even if it is in a constant state of change.

How do you feel about the years continuing to accumulate? Do you sometimes wish you could put the brakes on or even go back a few years? Does getting older worry you or are you embracing the person you’re becoming?

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  • I have never worried about the aging process. Grey hair, baldness and wrinkles are not really going to mean much to me in 100 years time. I will be long gone to a better place!

  • I turned 55 this year

    I love the wisdom that comes from life experience accumulated over the years

    I don’t like the deteriation of strength/energy & health issues that invariably accompany aging.

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