Off to camp

Going from having two kids to around 70 is quite a leap. That’s what’s on the cards for me for the coming days.

Later today I’ll become dad to a camp full of primary school aged children. Over the next few days I’ll be spending a fair bit of time just south of Perth at the Serpentine Camping Centre. I’m still working this week so I’m commuting to camp each day.

I was very involved with the camps at Serpentine many years back but it had been around 20 years since I’d been to one before we decided to go to last year’s camp. We must have enjoyed the experience because we’re heading back for more.

I’ve done everything at the camps in the past from being a dorm leader to cook to director to pot washer and lots more. I guess it’s all come full circle now as I take on the role of camp dad.

I’m sure I’m going to be very tired before it’s all over but it’s so good to be able to build into the lives of young people and have a great time while doing it.

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