KEVIN37.jpgToday’s the day that Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s second economic stimulous package starts getting rolled out to the Australian public.

Kogan Technologies has taken advantage of the stimulous package and created some magnificent marketing. They’ve launched the Kogan Technologies KEVIN37 HD LCD TV. It’s been carefully designed to coincide with the government handout and the TVs will be ready to be shipped to customers next month. The cost of these televisions is only $900, the exact amount that many Australians will be given by the government.

Celebrate the Australian Government’s stimulus package with the Kogan KEVIN37.

The Kogan KEVIN37 in conjunction with the government bonus is a great combination for Australian’s looking for an affordable home entertainment solution.

Bring your living room into the digital age with the Kogan KEVIN37. Featuring a High Definition 37″ LCD Panel, Built in High Definition Tuner and HDMI input, it’s sure to suit every need.

The Kogan KEVIN37 LCD HDTV will also ship with a free promotional t-shirt.

I don’t think we’ll be taking advantage of the offer but I reckon it’s a case of very clever marketing.

Are you getting money from Mr Rudd? Have you decided what you’ll do with your slice of the pie?

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  • I was amazed watching the tv last night, with all the promotions that were available. From a 4 night holiday in Margaret River, home exercise equipment, buying green products to purchasing a new road pushbike for exactly $899. How convenient, they couldnt make it $799 so that the person could afford to buy some shoes or clothing. Its almost as pitiful as the home centres putting up the price of first homes, as soon as the first home owner scheme was raised to $21,000. It reminds me of the Pixar movie of the little peasant girl and two street musicians who are after her one gold coin. It just makes my view on the human race very dim, when they are out to get your every cent.

  • Rodney, I was going to post a rant in reply, but realised I’d better post on my own blog! To answer you question, some of the money has already gone on kids music education expenses (would have come from somewhere anyway). The bigger question I’m struggling with is how can we be just and ethical in using this?

  • Alex, you’re always welcome to rant here. It always helps the conversation to inject some strong feeling here and there.

    I think school fees will take a large chunk of our dollars.

  • I don’t expect we’ll be getting any Rodney. If we do, I’ll let you know. We have been blessed sufficiently this March, and I can say that before I learn next week whether or not Mr & Mrs Potter have accepted our offer to buy their house!

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