The world's greatest inventions

world.jpgI saw a news article today talking about the world’s top ten inventions. It displayed a number of inventions which the story claims have changed the world.

The internet, television, computers, telephones, they were all there. I decided to look for a few other lists of the world’s greatest inventions and found several. Not many of them agreed with each other. I certainly liked the English list that put the bicycle at the top of the list. After all, there is no more energy efficient mode of transport in the world.

So what do you think are the greatest inventions? What do you think has changed the world we live in?

What would be in your list of the world’s greatest inventions? The printing press? Has there been a particular breakthrough in medical science that would be on your list? What about aircraft or the automobile? Would you choose the microchip? How about the camera or the light bulb? What else is there that I haven’t even mentioned?

Whether you think there’s just one invention that you think should be on the list or you want to try to come up with your own top ten, I’d really enjoy getting your point of view. Add your favourite invention or inventions in the comments section of this post.

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  • the engine is an invention i use everyday but im not too keen on. cars and machinery seem to have sped up the destruction of the planet. maybe it would sustain our numbers better if we didn’t have them? life would be sooo different though!

    some of my favorite inventions are painkillers and antibiotics- it would be tough without them especially if you needed surgery! i also like the telephone – long distance communication.

  • It totally amazes me that yes there are a lot of great inventions out there. For some odd reason I googled the world greatest invention. To my surprise I did not see the 1 greatest invention even mention. I saw dishwashers, Light bulb ,engines, internet, computer and even electricity. that not even an invention, it was a discovery and has been here since the beginning of this planet I would say. But back to the greatest invention. all of these have 1 common invention that none of these would have been able to happen. The Printing Press. Yes the printing press with out it books with knowledge would have never been there for people to read and learn to come up with Ideas.
    We as people would still be illiterate. and there would be no school books to learn from.

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